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Live Art Messages to the Earth

The live art exhibition was open to the public on June 13th, and after meeting for worship on June 14th. There was a gentle flow of visitors, who particularly enjoyed reading the voile panels adorned with quotes from spiritually inspired books, which evoked more conversation. Some spoke of other texts they had read, thoughts that were inspired and artists who had created sculptures placed in nature. The exhibition held in the Quaker Meeting House was far from the natural world situated on St. James Street a short distance from the main shopping area on Fargate, but not far from the grass and trees outside the cathedral around the corner.

Looking through the translucence of the voile panels and the texts such as ‘Be Kind to all Living Things’ the tall storeyed city offices were in view, one headed with large letters saying ‘Balance’. As visitors contemplated this they were accompanied by our friends from the plant world, situated in pots. All manner of plants from parsley, rosemary, thyme and basil to blackberry, tayberry, gojiberry and strawberry to sunflowers, dahlias, carnations and lavender simply spelt the word LIFE.

Following contemplation participants wrote their personal pledges to the earth and planted them into whichever plant they chose, the bright red chilli plant attracting the most. Here’s a few of the anonymous pledges:

‘I will cultivate my neighbourhood’

‘Honour, respect, support, sustain’

‘To respect the earth in all I do’

‘To think before I say or do anything, even when people aren’t watching me’

‘eat more organic food’

‘water the plants’

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