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Exhibiting in Thailand's Hat Yai PSU gallery

I was delighted to exhibit and revisit Thailand in September 2018 since my last memorable visit in 1999 when I exhibited in an international women's art exhibition at the Suan Pakkad Palace Museum alongside their Royal Highnesses Princesses Marsi Parbatra, Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Siribhachudabhorn .

My fond memories of the gentle warmth of the Thai people were reinvigorated by the expert organisation by Thai woman artist Maneerat Srikampa and her husband Subin Muangchan with inspiration from Porntip Add and Amporn Sornprasit.

First we were impressed by the opening on the International Women Artist exhibition at the PSU Art Gallery of the Hat Yai Prince Songkla University with honoured guests Mohammed Afandi Abu Bakar, Malaysian Consulate General Songkla who I was pleased to discuss my painting 'Spirit Dreaming' depicting a woman dreaming of the interconnections between all spiritual paths, and to find him open to discussion on this matter. I was also pleased to meet the gallery Director and Dr. Supatra Davision, Assistant President for Asean Studies.

The exhibition was the tenth in a collaboration between Thai and Malaysian artists who I was invited as a guest to exhibit with in 2017 when their exhibition was held in Penang's Galeri Seni Mutiara

Malaysia. This year they extended the invitation to several other countries featuring the international aspect of it

which included artists from Mongolia, Iceland, Taiwan, Myanmar, Vietnam, USA and Scotland.

At Prince Songkla University we were also treated to workshop creating the traditional blue and white ceramics-Lai Kram by decorating biscuit fired plates. Myself, daughter and grandaughters all have flower references in our names so I entitled my plate the 'flower girls' - radiating out of the central chrysanthemum, a symbol of health and longevity, are

smaller flower symbols bearing the initials of each of our names.

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