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Fountain of Life by Panni Loh

There are times, it's true, when I have walked for art. One memorable art project was Peace Prayer flags when I walked around art talking to people and asking them to contemplate peace. People took this seriously and thought what peace meant to them and after minutes of silent reflection they made marks and symbols on calico flags. I spent hours sewing the flags together, reminiscent of strings of prayer flags I saw a few years later at over 4000 feet up in the Nepalese himalayas-the idea being to send out those prayers/intents to bring them into being. The peace prayer flag project was then exhibited outside then then Tower Gallery at Postern Tower on the York Walls.

My artwork takes many forms and as well as dialoguing with others in my live art practice I also exhibit internationally getting to know the sensibilities, environments and concerns of other artists around the world. Such exhibitions often lead to creating new work on site inspired by the experience of being in new environments. This often involves walking, catching, boats and trains and thoroughly enjoying breathing in the atmosphere and life of the place I'm in.

One such trip was to visit the ancestoral country of my paternal grandparents. My grandfather was from Southern China and so whilst we couldn't get to his village travelling from Beijing via Xi'an we visited the beautiful Karst limestone mountains of Yangshou. It was time to slow down. Vistas of rice fields with just a few people handpicking rice rose up to green mountains edged by rivers. To truly appreciate the landscape I walked, cycled and caught a bamboo raft along the river Liliang.

Each day i painted my responses to the experience to create the exhibition 'Journey down the river Liliang' along with prints and cards

which you can walk to see as part of Wakefield's Art Walk on July 31st as well as the Hepworth Art Gallery, Westgate Studios, the Arthouse and many more .

The paintings are on exhibition in the beautiful Georgian buildings of the University Business Centre on Bond Terrace until December 15th 2019:

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