‘On my canvasses I use the colour of emotion, spirit and the energy of the interactions of humans and the natural world. I paint with softness and with force, the force of life’

Climb to the Fire by PPYLoh
Cave by PPYLoh
Bathed in Light by PPYLoh
The Eye by PPYLoh
Choices by PPYLoh
Call to the Light PPYLoh
Rainbow Cave PPYLoh
'The Fire Within'  by Panni Loh
Into the light Panni Loh
An opera through time and space PPYLoh
Celebrating ancestors PPYLoh copy
The Presence of our ancestors PPYLoh cop
Sunset over Sheffield
The Language of Hope
Sunset over Attercliffe
Shimmering Red
Sufi Whirl
Nightfall over Burngreave
Soltice wave
Sheffield Cathedral Jet Streams
Great Wall Labour Day
London 2012
Love Kernel
Kedah padi fields
Jasmine Sunrise
January Sunrise
Fountain of Life
Butterfly Dreams
Breath of Life
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Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

07913 915783