Panni Loh
Artist - Panni Poh Yoke Loh

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I was born in London, but have lived for most of my life in Sheffield. My work stems from my varied viewing points and Malaysian Chinese and British English heritage. Family and home is important to me, but I like to look from the intimate to the wider context and beyond the everyday. My painting career began in childhood when I enjoyed making paints from garden matter, and enjoyed an arts scholarship to an arts and crafts school.

In adulthood my life practice has encompassed training as a social worker and teacher as well as co-ordinating arts and environmental education and events in the multicultural community. From my work with people I am passionate about art being accessible on some level to people of all understandings. I’m particularly concerned with the interconnections between everything that has a life force and that art can create a doorway to another world.

Following a degree in Textile Design I went on to graduate with an MA in Art as Environment from Manchester Metropolitan University practicing live art alongside my painting practice. My arts research activity deepened when I did an arts practice based PhD studying my own paintings and live art along with other contemporary British Chinese artists.

My paintings fall into spiritually inspired dream paintings and skyscapes where the sky is the dominant feature and the urban landscape is much smaller but nevertheless significant. Some of my skyscapes show how human interaction plays direct significance on the natural world.

Panni Loh

I met Panni Loh several years ago. At this time she shared with me photographs of her paintings. As soon as I saw "Earth" from a photograph- it evoked an emotion of peace and a connectedness to the world around me. I purchased "Earth" , sight unseen, when I received it- and saw it for real- it was so alive- with colour and movement and beauty- it moved my soul. Panni Loh's work, not only is a result of great technical ability but a very deep innate understanding of how to capture a "moment in time" and bring the spirit of beauty, creativity and emotion into reality.

Bonny Shears, Canada

'After seeing her work in an exhibition, we asked Panni if she would paint a favourite Sheffield skyline for us, and we could not be happier with the result. Panni captured the sense of place beautifully, and has such a good eye for detail and colour. Our painting is everything we'd hoped it would be!'

Alix and Gavin Extence, Sheffield, U.K.

When we saw Panni’s ‘January Sunrise’ painting at an exhibition we were immediately drawn to it, not simply for its explosion of colour and evocative skies, but because it spoke of hope, new beginnings and also of the regeneration of Sheffield, the city of our youth. As a focal point in our home this uplifting painting brings us pleasure every day.

Linda and Barry Fulton, Leeds, U.K.